3 Tips on how to clean your Epoxy Coated Floors

Resin Coatings is passionate about delivering an exceptional standard of Epoxy Coated Floors. As the industry specialist in Epoxy Coated Floors, we understand the intricacies of maintaining Epoxy Coated Floors.

Here are 3 definitive tips that will assist you in cleaning Epoxy Coated Floors:

  1. It is important to sweep away any loose debris. This will ensure that any small particles of dust are swept away. The dust can contribute to the lack of shine in the Epoxy Floors.


  1. An equally important aspect to consider in cleaning your Epoxy Coated Floors is incorporating the mixture of cleaning materials. The next step is to mop the epoxy floor with a hard foam mop, hot water and clear ammonia. Soak a hard foam mop in the solution.  Aspects such as rust may require additional light scrubbing with a scrubbing pad. A helpful tip would be to avoid using steel-wool as this could scratch the epoxy floor coating.

The chemicals used in cleaning the epoxy floors are also vital in maintaining its shine and durability. Avoid abrasive cleaners such as citrus cleaners and soap-based cleaners that could lead to the appearance of “clouded” floors.

  1. An epoxy floor solution can be incorporated into various environments such as garages, basements, porches and warehouse floors. Prevent any furniture or object stains that will damage your epoxy floor. This can include placing soft pads under motorcycle kickstands in a garage for example.

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