The process behind powder coating

Over the past few years, the powder coating process has become incredibly popular in a variety of industries such as the automotive industry. It is a long process that leaves your product with a beautiful smooth finish. However, it is not a simple process. Powder coating follows specific stages that do not allow any faults. Read about the powder coating process below:

Surface preparation

The first phase of the powder coating process is the preparation. Preparing the surface area that you intend to powder coat is important in order to achieve a beautiful finish. The preparation phase requires the metal to be cleaned to remove grease and other dirt, rinsed, etched and rinsed again. A chemical solution – made to specifically to suit each material – is then used to neutralise the surface area of the part. The final step before the powder coating application is to demineralise the surface.


The application of the powder coating process involves the use of a paint gun with an electrical source that can charge the particles of the powder. Once the powder has been placed into the gun, it is sprayed evenly over the surface of the metal, the process repeating itself until the desired thickness is achieved.


The curing stage is the part of the powder coating process where the coated metal is placed inside a kiln. When the temperatures reach 160°C and above, the powder will start to melt and form a single solid and durable coating. Once this has been achieved, it will be taken out of the kiln to cool until it has completely cured.


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