What is Epoxy Paint used for?

Epoxy paint will give your floors that shine you’ve been looking for. It is the strongest, most durable paint on the market. Epoxy paint can be used in several ways in your household or in commercial buildings.


What is it?

Epoxy paint, also known as epoxy floor coating, is a combination of two, or three, components. The two main components are epoxy resin and hardener. These components give it a strong finish that is not affected by solvents. Epoxy paint contains a third component – acrylic paint. The addition of paint to the epoxy coating allows the colour of the epoxy to be customised and it also means that the epoxy will dry like paint.


What is it used for?

Epoxy Paint is used for many applications. It can be used on the floors in areas such as workshops, garages, or hospitals because of its ability to resist chemical stains. Epoxy paint can also be used in private homes to give your floors and countertops the shimmer that you want in your home. It can be used in kitchens to protect your floors and countertop against stains. Commercial buildings often use epoxy paint on the walls to prevent wear and tear that can occur over the years.

Customising the paint is the best way to give a home, workshop or commercial building that burst of colour and create a space with a little bit of personality. Choose colour combinations to brighten up the room or to create a relaxing space.


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