What is Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is an abrasive blasting technique that is used to clean or prepare a surface such as metal or concrete. It is often confused with sand blasting which also an abrasive blasting technique. The difference is in the method and the uses.

How it works

Shot blasting is an aggressive abrasive technique. Steel pellets are shot out of a device that is like a spinning wheel. These pellets are shot at the metal or concrete in order to remove stains or other dirt from the surface that would otherwise be difficult to remove. When it comes to concrete, shot blasting removes the first layer in order to clean it. It can also be used to prepare surfaces to be painted or coated.

There are various machines that are used for this technique. It should also be done in a contained area so that there is no collateral damage from the force of the shot. The great thing about shot blasting is that it does not require a large amount of post cleaning as it hardly leaves any mess.

What is it for?

Normally, this technique would be used on larger surface areas that require a lot of preparation. Shot blasting is used on dense materials such as metal and concrete, that require a relatively strong application force. This technique can be used to remove rust, dirt, stains, and any other marks that cannot be removed with ordinary methods of cleaning. Shot blasting is used in many industries such as the automotive industry and the shipbuilding industry.

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