We offer a wide range of coatings and are able to service the man on the street as well as international manufacturing.
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Cosmetic Coatings | Functional Coatings | Epoxy Coatings | Polyester Coatings | PTFE Coatings and more.
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Resin Coatings can be distinguished in the industry as the leading power coating organisation that facilitates trade within the General Engineering Industry in the Western Cape.

Our mission is incredibly important to us, and subsequently drives our core business function. The highly advanced techniques that can be used in the general engineering sphere is to apply good quality coating that can be efficiently prepared within a short span of time.

An important aspect to understand about our organisation is our dedication to quality. Our assets span to the largest curing ovens in the country. This places Resin Coatings in a position to align itself with a loyal client base. Our extensive services can be incorporated into a variety of contexts and industries. Resin Coatings is committed to providing the highest standard of coatings.

our expertise

Each and every coating has a definitive characteristic such UV Resistance, Interior or Exterior utilisation, Hydrophobic or even chemically inert.

our expertise

For an in-depth understanding of our services, our consultants will gladly assist you in understanding our product categories and what will suit your operational capacity.

Our suppliers

We are in close alliance with various stakeholders to bring the ideal value proposition to the end client.